Things to make your life more fun, an ongoing series


Wow, would you look at that?

– Car eyelashes. When I showed these to my daughter, she said “No Mummy, you’re not allowed to get these,” and did an improvised interpretative dance called “Eyelashes on Cars are Really Silly”. This is a girl who has approved of my crocodile-shaped hat, my salt and pepper pots that hug each other, and my clock with a tiny elephant that trumpets on the hour, so if she thinks it’s too silly, I should probably listen.

– Face pots. This has to be the perfect present for somebody, I just haven’t worked out who yet. Who doesn’t want plants on their heads?

Mushroom cloud playhouse. I like looking at novelty treehouses and playhouses and there are some interestingly unique examples around, but I think this might win. Particularly if you want your child to be really, really aware of the possibility of large-scale nuclear war.

Pirate ship bedroom. Fulfills every boy’s fantasy, it says, but my daughter and all her female friends would almost certainly kill or at least mutilate any of their parents to have this. It has a secret spiral slide. Every room should have one of those.

– Cupcake. Fondue. Cupcake fondue. Oh yes. How did I never think of this?

Cat’s eyes for your ears. For when you’re going to a costume party themed around Eyes in Weird Places (note to self: hold that costume party sometime).

2 thoughts on “Things to make your life more fun, an ongoing series

  1. MrBrown

    Cupcake fondue surely requires you to stuff the whole cupcake in your mouth, and then when everyone looks at you, you have to say ‘What?’ while your mouth is filled with cupcake.

    Those are my rules, anyway.


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